InterContinental Hotel • Qingdao, China • July 22-24, 2014
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Speaker Selina She

Selina She

Chief Editor

Tencent Kid

For the past seven years, Selina She has been leading the creation and development of Tencent Kid, the first child-oriented companion site to China’s largest web portal, Under Selina’s guidance, Tencent Kid has been fulfilling its mission to be the “Safest, Healthiest and Greenest” kids online hub, providing tools and content experiences that are key to the growth of children in the information age, such as extracurricular learning materials, games, animation, eBooks and social media feeds. Along the way, it has organically become the most sought-after new media platform for kids entertainment brands from around the world. Tencent Kid currently collaborates with high-profile brands including Disney, BBC Worldwide, Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Nelvana and Nerd Corps Entertainment.


Based on thorough and systematic user behavior observation and analysis conducted over the years, Tencent Kids recently proposed a movement called “Companionship ≥ Cultivation”. The core of the concept is that although education and training may lead children to material success, only good care and interaction can make them truly happy in life. In 2014, backed by the endorsement of hundreds of children’s education experts, Tencent Kid started rolling the concept out with its “Colorful Childhood” and “Companionship Action” programs.


Meanwhile, Selina and her team continue to try and inspire children’s creative energy by fostering the Creative Development Integrator, an interface that optimizes user-generated content and then extends the it online and offline. CDI applications such as Fun Show (10 and up), DIY Mini-comic (8 to 10s) and Doodler (5 to 8s) have quickly taken shape since their launches. Through customized e-publishing and merchandising, Selina and her team continue to push CDI forward as a brand-new model for integrating and monetizing children’s creative works.

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