InterContinental Hotel • Qingdao, China • July 22-24, 2014
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Speaker Xue Wu

Xue Wu


TJTV Children's Channel

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the Chinese media industry, Ms. Xue Wu currently serves as Director of Tianjin Television’s Children’s Channel, a position she has held for more than a decade. Her brand-building approach to content creation has contributed to many outstanding shows in the children’s and animation genres.  

During Ms. Wu’s tenure, TJTV has won a Tiwon Award for Best Children’s Channel and a China TV Landmark prize for the Best Creative Terrestrial Channel. She has also planned and run a Spring Festival Gala special for children in 12 Chinese provinces, winning many Starlight Awards and Golden Eagle Awards (China’s top prizes for the TV industry). Ms Wu also  received a Golden Eagle for her work on children’s TV series Dulu Smurfs, which she produced. And her other prize-winning kids content includes variety show Happy Turn and Turn, parent-child show Moon Boat, Crazy Lab, popular sitcom A Tale of A Jiong, and puppet TV series Candy Family.   

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